Politics As Usual
- is it -
? Cooperation or Exploitation?

FrogPrince Stop Politics As Usual!

The Frog-Prince fable has a useful lesson, also for politics. Help make the Libertarian Party a politically relevant option in the coming years. When our candidate for Governor gets 50,000 votes we will be an officially recognized party. That will be a big first step to end Politics As Usual. It will begin to create competition. It is not necessary to win that election. It is necessary to offer an alternative to Politics-as-Usual by creating a new official political party. With more competition Politics-as-Usual can be defeated and further tragedy may be averted or lessened.

Libertarians understand the difficulty of challenging the ruling duopoly. They know the election deck is stacked against third party success. But they also recognize many New Yorkers are just like they are - tired of politics as usual. Disillusioned New Yorkers need to build a viable alternative to government by Democrats and Republicans who have legislated the state to distinction for high taxes, debt, waste fraud, abuse, corruption and disfunction. Libertarians call on disaffected voters to help form a real alternative to the political status quo. Although the task is daunting people all over the state have had it with politics as usual. Our candidates look forward to the challenge and seek the active assistance of like-minded New Yorkers to join the libertarian resistance. Here is what you can do to help end politics as usual:

  • Help put the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor on the ballot. Our candidate will need to collect at leasts 15,000 petition signatures to appear on the Libertarian Party ballot line. These have to be collected in about a six week period during the summer. You can donate money to that cause and volunteer to carry nominating petitions to collect signatures.  
  • Help put our candidates before the voters. Arrange events or tell the candidate's campaign team about opportunities to speak to people.
  • Tell others to also help end Politics-as-Usual.
  • Vote for the Libertarian candidate for Governor!
  • Start now to get involved and help with this important goal. Contact the candatates you want to help directly or via the Libertarian Party of New York.

Larry Sharpe is the Libertarian Party's gubernatorial candidate. He can use your help.

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