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If government is the protector of the governed how did it work out during this last Pandemic? It failed to protect. The virus spread everywhere. Some evidence exists to support the posibility that the virus was created in and released from (perhaps even deliberately) a government laboratory (China).

Health experts recomended social distancing to 'flatten the curve' and prevent overtaxing the healthcare infrastructure. Government executives shut down the economy and so destroyed much of the economic infrastructure along with people's lives. However, hospitals were still overwhelmed and had to triage patients.

Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public

‘Nothing can justify this destruction of people’s lives’

The precautionary principle—that no risks can be assumed if someone or something somewhere might be harmed—is anti-mind and anti-life, absurdly evil on its face. (source)

Orange County Doctor Breaks His Silence on COVID-19 - YouTube

Lessons learned from past pandemics: Few to none.

“Since the pandemic will be widespread in the United States, the supplies from the federal Strategic National Stockpile may not be available and local caches will need to be relied upon,” the 2006 report said.

“We do understand that New York City will be responsible for New York City in terms of dealing with any pandemic,” he said.

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Lesson learned from contemporary pandemic decrees:

Locking down the economy "to save a life" cost millions their livelihoods. A policy to ban nursing homes instead of commerce would have been less destructive. Expectations of this policy, although not fully forecast, seem dire. Also, lives were lost because:

  • the virus was particuarly dangerous to the old in nursing homes but policy made it worse.
  • ventilators may have acutually killed more patients than were saved and
  • sick people died from a lack of treatment so virus patients could be treated.

    Even more embarrasing:

Cuomo says it’s ‘shocking’ most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home. So would a policy to mandate commerce and ban nursing homes have saved more lives?

Thomas Sowell has repeatedly written that in a world of scarcity there are no solutions, only tradeoffs. How Many Lives Will Politicians Sacrifice in the Name of Fighting COVID-19?

What to believe???

Has this ‘pandemic’ proved to be a fraud? Did science or politics drive government policy? Was judgement good or not? Did results conform to the Public Interest? Whose Public Interest was served? Was central planning and control beneficial? Hindsight indicates the cure was worse than the disease.

Cuomo makes no mention of the social costs of the economic lockdowns mass unemployment, widespread bankruptcy, surging mental health deterioration, drug abuse, and global poverty. Nor does he mention his state’s catastrophically high COVID death toll. (See Here)

Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Response Has Been a Failure

Why Sweden Succeeded In "Flattening The Curve" And New York Failed

Was the lockdown necessary at all for purely medical reasons?

500 Doctors Write To Trump Warning Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths

World's Top Epidemiologists - Masks Don't Work!

Pandemic Policy In One Page

Lockdowns Haven't Brought down Covid Mortality. But They Have Killed Millions of Jobs.

Is it even more sinister?

Former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi believes that the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria is being used as the Trojan horse for a globalist agenda hatched out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. (click here for more)

Covid is the final act in the transference of wealth to the top 1%. (click here for more)

It’s been more than apparent for most of the last fifty-two weeks that the agenda of lockdown was not public health, but laying the groundwork for the “new normal” and “the great reset. (click here for more)

Which party is using the Covid-19 fraud to crash the economy, eliminate 40 million jobs, roll-back basic civil liberties and turn the United States into a NWO slave-state ruled by Wall Street ...? Which party?" (click here for more)

Economics Of Ventilators

The Coronavirus pandemic illustrates the problem of economics. New York was especially affected by this disease. Many virus infected hospital patients needed ventilators to live. The supply of ventilators met the demand before the pandemic. However, as the number of sick patients grew so did the demand for more ventilators. But the shelves emptied as demand increased. What to do?!

No matter how much or how passionate the demand, enough ventilators were not supplied. Regulatory 'red tape' was suspended to make it easier to manufacture the equipment. A higher price was offered to get more supplied. Yet, no matter the demand, enough respirators failed to materialize. Demand-side economics failed.

Politics Of Ventilators

Ventilators were still available outside NY. State officials scoured such places to buy the product but demand outpaced outside supply as well. Ventilators were stockpiled at the federtal level. So this Common Stash was demanded by and for NY. What to do?! Ship the supply to NY? Distribute by state? By state population? City population? By proportion of Coronavirus victims? Potential victims? Intensive care beds? Acute care beds?...There were different ideas about whose demand for that supply should rule. The Common Interest was anything but common. Only the desire to exploit the Stash was common. Uncommon interests wanted to rig the system to their notion of the Public Good. Is that a moral virtue? Is it an abuse of polical power? Or is it both?...or neither? Cooperation or Exploitation?

As it turned out, Governor Cuomo wanted 30,000 ventilators. Fewer han 5,000 were used. Ventilators may have killed patients before the virus.


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