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Education in NYS


  • Of the 50 states, New York ($23,091) spent the most per pupil in 2017.
  • Of the 100 largest school systems based on enrollment in the United States the highest spending per pupil in 2017 was New York City School District in New York ($25,199) (source)

More on NY school spending here.


The worst upstate districts are found here. The wort schools in NYC are here. The best schools in NY are listed here.

Granted, there are other factors to consider that play a role in achievement results. But when it comes to funding, throwing more money at the system is not directly tied to academic improvements.

Does it have to be this way? Can there be schools without government agencies operating them? 

Public vs Catholic schools:

....NYC Public Schools: $26,289

....NYC Charter Schools: $21,281

....Partnership Schools: $9,950


If Catholics can do it, can't others do it too? Remember, some of the best schools in the country operate with no government controls. How can this be?  Don't forget, some of the worst schools in the country operate under complete government control. How can that be? 

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