Politics As Usual
- is it -
? Cooperation or Exploitation?

Abuse Of Power

Rigging the System

An UnGovernable UnCommon Interest?

The fires that burn in our cities today were born long ago with government impositions in every aspect of our lives.

Most traditional governments divide people, setting them against each other to weaken the society and make it governable.
- Tlaloc/Dune

The question we face in this age is whether it is possible to maintain a civil society with an abundance of people embracing an alternative reality. (click here for more)

Some think it already too late to alter the path to chaos.

The Systemic Collapse Of The US Society Has Begun


"As clearly odious as the government is, shouldn’t we do all we can to move it towards its inevitable rendezvous with failure?" (click here for more)

"Every three or four generations, humanity consumes itself with the fang and claw of fascism and collectivism. Every three or four generations, we eat our own. This is that time." (see here)

"Yes, there will be a time to step boldly into the public political arena and help write a new set of rules, help re-establish political institutions that allow for cooperative gameplay and shared notions of the good life, and help instantiate small-l liberal and small-c conservative principles in a top-down manner. 

But that time is not now. 

Now is the time when the political institutions that allow for cooperative gameplay and shared notions of the good life are being shattered, and now is the time when they will continue to be shattered. Now is the time of the widening gyre, and you can no more command it to stop from the top-down than King Canute could command the tides."

How will the status quo collapse? ... The most competent will realise the impossibility of keeping it glued together and so they will exit first. The most noble will try to keep it going but they will burn out and drop away, leaving the incompetent to oversee the final collapse. (source)

The following maps show dissimilar (urban vs non-urban) interests.

Red State, Blue City: How the Urban-Rural Divide Is Splitting America

The nation's blue islands reject the red sea and the red sea opposes blue islands. So it is in New York State as well.

2016 Clinton vs Trump Country - Click to enlarge

Population distribution - Click to enlarge

Vote distribution - Click to enlarge

The majority of voters live in urban areas. Urban voters prefer Democrats. Democrats have historically been the majority in Congress (particularly the House). So Democrat majorities have their political agendas enacted into law at the expense of those who vote Republican. Understandably, this has consequences. “As the Republican Party has moved further to the right, it has increasingly become the party of fierce individualism, of ‘I built that’ and you take care of yourself. Cities, on the other hand, are fundamentally about the shared commons.” (See here)

Non-urban Republican Party voters moved further to the right because urban Democrat Party voters moved to the left. Cooperation becomes more difficult and antagonism more likely as Left and Right diverge. How long can such different interests hold together with one size fits all government? Can diverging interests become un-governable? And at what point?

The political divide between Democrats and Republicans is the worst it has ever been, according to a new Michigan State University report. (See here)

Has "the US Congress ... become too polarized to even govern..."?

Have politicians called for insurrection?


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