Politics As Usual
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? Cooperation or Exploitation?

Abuse Of Power

Rigging the System

Politics = Exploitation

In addition to government debt the country faces other kinds of debt as well. Student Loans are a major problem. Auto loans are as well. Credit card debt is up. Mortgages are again being taken out with little or no money down. Government policy encourages this to 'stimulate' the economy, we are told. But it just makes most of us debt slaves. Of course, the favored and politically connected make out pretty well. And in the rare instances when the privileged actually lose their money those losses are socialized to the rest of us by decree.

Instead of getting more for less most of us will end up with less for more - more taxes, deficits, debt. An economic reset to balance limitless demands with finite supply can be expected in the form of depression or inflation. The US petrodollar is already threatened. So is the dollar’s  status as the premier world reserve currency. International trade will increasingly be done with other currencies. When the US dollar gets rejected all those trillions of unwanted dollars will return to the US from around the world and result in serious inflation. Inflation is a kind of tax which will make Americans poorer and less able and willing to support government. That is when people will demand more libertarians to legislate less government. Until that time arrives libertarians promising less government favors and benefits will continue to experience political suicide. But the wait may not be long for voters to recognize Less Is More.

Complex systems fail. Government systems are no exceptions. The NYC taxi industry is a socialist/fascist enterprise. It is an excellent example of consequences with government regulation & interference. NYC government created that system and regulates it. NYC gov also destroyed it with pandemic policies. (Click here for more)

The subway system also fails. See How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways .. but of course the question becomes: What does work properly?

The federal government has become a massive and very complex system. Massive failures are inevitable.

Administering edicts add to cost. So does policing obedience. The mounting expenses of our current ‘Duopally’ system of Republican and Democrat 'Politics as Usual' is cracking as the ‘The Tragedy’ strikes. While government expenses mount promised stuff will diminish. Costs will overshadow benefits. That is when less government will again be recognized as the General Welfare.

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"I see the liberty of the individual ... as the necessary condition for the flowering of all the other goods that mankind cherishes: moral virtue, civilization, the arts and sciences, economic prosperity. Out of liberty, then, stem the glories of civilized life.” Murray Rothbard


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