Politics As Usual
- is it -
? Cooperation or Exploitation?

Abuse Of Power

Rigging the System

Democrats gerrymander competition out and help themselves to public funding of their campaigns with the following changes to law:

- for political parties to maintain a guaranteed line on the state ballot, they must draw either 2 percent — or 130,000 votes — of the general election vote for governor or president every two years instead of the previous 50,000 every 4 years;

- raise the number of signatures required to petition onto the ballot to 45,000, from 15,000;

- adoption of a plan to use public money to amplify donations of up to $250 to candidates for statewide and state legislative races, putting emphasis on the small-dollar giving;

-  lower the contribution cap for statewide candidates to $18,000 from its current level of up to $69,700.

See here.

These measures move the goal posts to benefit the Democratic Party. Who pays the price for that law?


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Libertarian Party

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What is politics as usual?

How does Politics As Usual damage society?

Why is the Libertarian Party NOT Politics As Usual?


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